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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Bashar Momin’ (2012)

A review on Pakistani TV Drama Serial ‘Bashar Momin’ (2012). The Production House is A&B Entertainment while its Distributor is Geo Entertainment.




+ Crew

  • Directed by Syed Ali Raza Usama
  • Cinematography by Farhan Golden & Adnan Bukhari
  • Written by Zanjabeel Asim
  • Edited by Faizan Ghori & Waqas Karim
  • Produced by Asif Raza Mir & Babar Javed


+ Note

Bashar Momin aired on Geo Entertainment from 14th March till 8th November 2012. It consists of total 32 episodes. This drama serial focuses on jealousy, love, hatred, romance and suspicion in the relationships.

It is considered as the most expensive TV drama ever made in Pakistan.



+ Main Cast

1) Faisal Qureshi as Bashar

2) Ushna Shah as Rudaba

3) Sami Khan as Buland Bakhtyar

4) Yasir Mazher as Adil





+ Supportive Cast

5) Maheen Rizvi as Sahira

6) Sundus Tariq as Tayaba

7) Noman Ejaz as Zafar (Special Appearance)

8) Fazal Hussain as Bashar (Young)


+ Plot

After a sudden unfortunate event, Rudaba starts living with her brother’s family where his hot tempered, wealthy brother-in-law, Bashar Momin often visits. For his sisters’ happiness, he would go at any length to make sure they get what they want.



+ High Points

i – Faisal Qureshi performance as ‘Bashar Momin’ is… so AMAZING! God! I was so much focused, convinced in his character that for a moment I literally forgot this actor’s actual name. His performances are usually comical and hilarious whether Live on stage or on screen that one would wonder that is he the same actor who is playing the role as ‘Bashar Momin’? Faisal you have out did yourself. This performance is absolutely be cherished as ‘Unforgettable’! Truly amazed by your performance!

The background to the character Bashar Momin is that it is inspired by iconic characters of ‘Tony Montana’ (Scarface – 1983 film) and ‘Michael Corleone’ (Godfather 1 & 2 – 1972 & 1974 films) both played by legendary actor Al Pacino.

Bashar Momin is the anti-hero / tragic villain of this drama series. I cannot even imagine that Faisal would the one who pull this off, able to perform (as intended) to this well written character. Faisal, your performance has been one of the most memorable. Impressive, Most Impressive!

ii – The performances by the main cast as well as the supportive is so POWERFUL! Remarkable performances have uplifted this drama serial in much greater height. Honorable mentions: Faisal Qureshi, Ushna Shah, Yasir Mazher and Maheen Rizvi.

iii – There were three most intense scenes which were greatly shot and directed. One of them is when Bashar and Adil have talk on Rudaba’s marriage while in the presence of Rudaba & Saira in the hall. Second most intense scene is Bashar shouts at his sister Saira to talk with respect to his wife when they all are sitting and dinning in his house. And thirdly, the most intense scene is when Bashar has a fight with Buland at Rudaba’s home. These scenes were so electrifying and STRONGLY performed. Thumbs Up!

iv – The Costume Design, Makeup & Hair-styling, Art Direction were superbly done. You can see its result. Spectacular!

v – The cinematography with artificial lighting is achieved in highly manner. I can see the kind of effort is poured in to make the scene more glamour and attractive for the viewers.

vi – If the script is well written, the performances were given even better. The viewers would be lost in the strong performances that the effort behind the script and its wonderful story would be overshadowed by it. Instead the praises would be shifted to performances than to the script itself.

vii – The character shift of Bashar was well handled and performed. The writer did a wonderful job how his character be shown and reflected on screen. Bravo!

viii – If the director wanted, he could have ended this drama series with 31st as the last episode. But no! No, he did not. He and writer had a proper, well finished ending to this great drama series. The finale was OUTSTANDING!

ix – This is a wonderful drama series produced by our Pakistani TV industry. The team behind this drama series, you guys did an awesome job in executing it especially the writer and the director. The producers have effectively used their heavy investments in this TV drama. ‘Bashar Momin’ character has become an iconic figure in media. Why the viewers should be left to watch most of the Pakistani high-class films with lead actors such as Shaan Shahid or Fahad Mustafa. Why not Faisal Qureshi in lead roles? Why restrict yourself with just TV industry? You are a superb actor. You should create more awareness, by being part of international critically acclaimed limelight films. I always had respect for Faisal Qureshi; an actor, who make us laugh. But now, after watching this drama … you are no longer known to me as just ‘Faisal Qureshi’. Now you would always be remembered, highly respected as Bashar Momin. An actor who is now included in the ranks of elite class actors.



+ Low Points

i – The over use of artificial lighting in almost every scene (at least 70%) made the viewer being very annoyed by it. The usage of artificial lighting according to the situation, mood of the scene and certain locations allow us to use it very effectively. However, instead of keeping it limited… we have over abundance usage of it which goes against its favor. It seems that the cinematographer was very inspired after watching classic sci-fi film of Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’ (1982).

ii – Whenever we see the actors dinning out or being at a cafe, such as Bashar happens to do it twice while we see Buland once alone (USA), there are absolutely no people in the background / its surroundings. It is extremely rare to see the waiter even. Only in Nauman Ejaz’s scene we can see multiple waiters (but here it was mandatory for the waiters to interact with the actor) yet hardly any or no extras used who are also dining out at the same restaurant.

iii – The usage of smoke machine is used unnecessarily in those scenes which made ‘no head or tails’. Its usage was shown in the rooms, hall… even in broad day light protest (normal weather). Rather it should be used where it is required only or used according to the theme / nature of the script such as if we have a dream sequence, super natural based scene, weather conditions deteriorated, etc. If you are going to use smoke machine just to look ‘Cool’ in front of the camera, then we both know where you stand in the terms of understanding the nature of the scene and the level of being a ‘Skilled’ person.

iv – The character of Sami Khan as ‘Buland’ showed as the guy who can be easily manipulated and lied to. He was fooled not just once or twice but at least ‘four’ different times. Then, whenever he made an appearance, the viewer would say ‘Oh, the fool is here; which lies would he believe now’?

Secondly though he is shown as good looking, completed his education from USA and works at World Bank (USA) — but it seems that he is left with only two women in his life to marry with. Either it is Rudaba or Tayaba. So, if he cannot marry one of them then its compulsory for him to marry the other. The question is why he cannot find a good wife abroad instead to choose a wife out of these two females?

v – Since the character of Bashar is shown as hot tempered, sometimes unpredictable. The usage of his gun that he keeps in the interior pocket of his coat should be shown used (at least sometimes) instead of just pointing gun at the people who furiously bugs him. Whenever, we see him takes out his gun, we viewers are like ‘Oh, he is just threatening. He would not use it’ because he never does.

vi – Adil being hospitalized, the condition of him being as well dressed, well combed, as if already knew that he might be hospitalized soon so better to get ready for it.

vii – There were no emotional expressions or tolerance shown on the actor Fazal Hussain (young Bashar)’s face when he is talking personally with his mother at the restaurant. I do understand that the writer wanted to show that his mother is now dead to him. But still his tolerance towards his mother should be shown even if it is only slightly.

viii – Hina Khwaja Bayat seemed much older in looks than Nauman Ejaz. If you decided to use her as his lover then the makeover of Nauman should look much older than her. Not the other way around.

ix – When the police raids Bashar & his sister’s home, the scene of the interrogation is so FAKE. I mean, is this how interrogation is done here in Pakistan. No one is comparing it with abroad (well organized & mannered type) interrogation but anyone watches the scene how it is showed in ‘Bashar Momin’ is so dramatic … tsk, tsk.

Also, we see hardly any lights switched on, while they are still in their homes as the police & investigators are asking quick, hard questions. Did the police decided to cut off their power lights before entering their homes and ask questions in dark, pale blue moon lighted rooms?

x – The performances by the investigators, is SO POOR as if it’s a non-linear episode which is included in this ‘Bashar Momin’ series. Although the investigators are standing in Saira’s home and other investigators are sitting in Bashar’s home while the person is in between them, yet we see they are literally pointing their fingers continuously to the victim while accusing them of being accomplice or directing involved in a crime. There is no need to literally point fingers at the victim at who happens to be sitting / standing just next to you.

xi – Furthermore, to make this scene as really ‘INTENSE’, the cinematography is done with lots of zoom in and out, many times slider / dolly track is used on fast pace. However, instead of looking well shot, the cinematography seemed to be shot in a hurry while taking a ride on the swings or on a bicycle with a very rough broken road.

xii – When the press starts asking questions from the closed ones of Bashar, they (press) are so well mannered that they literally wait for the person to finish their sentence or answer before the next question could be asked without any interruptions from their side.


+ Overall

Bashir Momin is one of the best TV dramas that Pakistani industry has ever produced!


Rate: 4.25 out of 5 stars


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