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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Dil Ki Awaaz Suno’ (2018)

A review on Pakistani Public Message Drama theatre play ‘Dil Ki Awaaz Suno’ (2018). Its Production House is Tehrik-e-Niswan while SIUT foundation participated in distribution of organ donation forms & leaflets.


+ Crew

  • Lighting, Written & Directed by Anwer Jafri
  • Vocal (with Harmonium) by Daniel Wilayat
  • Music (with Tabla) by Zulfiqar Ali



+ Note
Dil Ki Awaaz Suno is a play organized by Pakistan Medical Association (Karachi) at 3rd Literary Festival [Arts Council; Karachi], which is based on ‘Organs Donation’ as public message. The opening poetry was taken from Nazeer Akerabadi ‘s ‘Banjaranama’. The poem ‘Maen Mar Ke Amar Ho Jaounga’ is part of Sardar Jafri’s poetry.

We have familiar faces on stage including Sheema Kermani, Haris Khan, Imran Khan and Anwer Uddin along with the fame director, Anwer Jafri.

Although it was not mentioned in its poster but the play is partially musical.


+ Full Cast:

  1. Haris Khan as Dildar
  2. Sheema Kermani as Doctor
  3. Shazia Adnan as Ammi
  4. Imran Khan as Mamu
  5. Ayesha Pervaiz as Fiancée
  6. Iram Pervaiz as Friend #1
  7. Bushra as Friend #2
  8. Adnan Haroon as Friend #3
  9. Anwar Uddin as Friend #4


+ Plot
Dildar is a dear friend to his fellow colleagues. One day he falls ill and announced as brain dead at the hospital. There in such tragic scenario, his family are suggested to donate their son’s organs.


+ High Points
i – The public message was conveyed to the audience perfectly. I believe that there would not be any kind of misconceptions or misunderstandings or any type of questions left regarding this subject matter.

ii – The addition of musical performance was a good move, to bring the audience closer to its sensitive topic.


+ Low Points
i – Where was the play? It should have been a combined teamwork of two elements here: The Play and the Public message. Both should had worked hand to hand. You gave so much importance in delivering the core message that you clearly forgot what essentials are needed to conduct a play and execute it successfully to the audience. If anyone did remember something there, it would be the public message your team had provided but not the play itself. If this is how ‘Public Message Plays’ started to be presented then I guess, anyone can make a play then.

ii – Almost, no story to watch. Though its acceptable that Anwer sb decided to have this play by ‘Breaking the fourth wall’, or ‘Acknowledgement of having themselves to be a part of a play’. Yet still a proper good story was required with the lead characters to have brief backstory (at least) was very much needed.

iii – There was no production design. No really, there was absolutely nothing there except for black wall. No props, just complete emptiness.

iv – As for the lighting is concerned, when Dildar started to speak while facing the audience, although the spot light was fixed on him but the entire stage should have been in ‘Complete Darkness’ or ‘Very Dimly Lit’. This way, the only focus would be on him and no one else. But that was not the case here. Only thing they did correctly was having the other characters being freeze with their actions as Dildar spoke.
v – No heed was given to costume designing as well, except for the lead stars.

vi – During the musical performance, we had Shazia Adnan on the left side (just next to), Sheema Kermani (in the lead) as they faced the audience. But then in the next two other group musical performance, we had Imran Khan in Shazia’s position without any reason given why? I can understand that the audience don’t care to see such details or really care. But for a team of professional performers, these things do count and are observed closely.


+ Overall
Dil Ki Awaaz Suno is one of those plays where the public message behind it turns out to be much more interesting than the play itself.

Rate: 1.50 out of 5


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