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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Khan’ (2017)

A review on Pakistani TV Political-Drama Series ‘Khan’ (2017). Its Production House and Distributor is Geo Entertainment.

+ Crew

  1. Directed by Ali Faizan
  2. Written by Syed Atif Ali & Nadeem Asad
  3. DOP by Syed Adnan Bukhari
  4. Edited by Saad Ali Khan
  5. Produced by Babar Javed

+ Note

Khan aired on Geo Entertainment from 19th Feb 2017 till 20th Oct 2017. In total it consists of 30 episodes. This drama series is loosely inspired by Francis Ford Coppola’s films ‘The Godfather’ trilogy.

The Music is composed and Sung by Asrar while its Makeup & Hairstylist is Nasreen. Usman Mazhar is also a theater artist.

+ Main Cast

  1. Noman Ijaz as Khan Sb
  2. Shaista Lodhi as Sarwat
  3. Atiqa Odho as Shabana
  4. Aijaz Aslam as Jameel
  5. Nauman Masood as Khan Sb’s Rival #1
  6. Saba Hameed as Rahat
  7. Asad Malik as Inspector Zaman
  8. Yamina Peerzada as Neelum
  9. Ali Josh as Kamal


+ Supportive Cast

  1. Munawwar Saeed as Sarwat’s Father-in-Law
  2. Fatima Shah Gillani as Khan Sb’s Daughter
  3. Ali Hashmi as Khan Sb’s Son
  4. Usman Mazhar as Arshad
  5. Iman Zaidi as Naila
  6. Mohmmad Ahmed as Rahat’s Friend
  7. Sami Sani as Chief Minister
  8. Naeem Haq as Neelum’s Love Interest
  9. Talal Jilani as Neelum’s Colleague


+ Minor Cast

  1. Shahzad Raza as Newspaper Editor
  2. Yasir Shah as Neelum’s Husband
  3. Agha Shiraz as Khan Sb’s Rival #2
  4. Rameez Ahmed as Khan Sb (Young)
  5. Madiha Zaidi as Sarwat (Young)
  6. Shuja Sami as Thug #1
  7. Mehboob Sultan as Khan Sb’s Rival #3
  8. Wahaj Khan as Sarwat’s Brother-in-Law
  9. Rameez Awan as Thug #2

+ Plot

Khan Sb is an influential figure in his family and media. His children look up to him but there are some within his family who distrust and hate him for a number of reasons. When Khan Sb involves himself into the politics, he has to deal with his ‘friends’ and ‘Rivals’ very carefully. One day he is invited to dinner where he is shocked to find Sarwat, his former love interest.

+ High Points

i – Aijaz Aslam’s character however had an interesting meat to it as the actor usually plays positive roles. Thus, it was good to see him doing something different for a change. But it is unfortunate to see that his character doesn’t goes far.

ii – Stars such as Nauman Eijaz, Aijaz Aslam, Mohammad Ahmed, Agha Shiraz, Sami Sani was a warm welcome to be part of this TV series.

+ Low Points

i – Who was the brains to cast Shaista Lodhi in one of the lead stars? The casting director didn’t look far enough to have a much better actress in both categories (looks and performance). As for Shaista, she has a big brand name in the market and I guess that was enough for BTS team of Khan to approve her. Her performance at best to say, was okay but seriously, give serious thought to it and do admit that there is a long list of very good actresses in the market who could have been in her place.

ii – I am sorry to say but I had such big expectations from this drama. The name itself would attract anyone towards it. All the hype which was created for it, has fallen flat on the face.

iii – The story was very dry. It might look good on the paper but once it was on-air… Viola! The sub plots were there only to fill the gaps. As for the main plot, it was no fun to watch either.

iv – Too many well-known, star power was added to the list of cast members. The more commercial faces you have, the less feel of realism it would give.

v – Honestly, I lost interest in the third episode. After that, it never regains. I was hoping it would but didn’t. Still had to watch till the last (30th episode) to write its review.

vi – The cinematography is absolute pathetic! I can understand why TV industry usually calls them cameraman instead of ‘DOP’ or ‘Cinematographer’. There are so many scenes throughout this drama series where you would be laughing and wonder to what was going through their cameraman’s head to come up with such angles of scenes? For instance, there is a scene where Neelum has her ear phones on and is chatting with someone on her phone. And the camera angle is kept directly on her face, where she is clearly breaking the fourth wall to show as if she is talking directly to the viewers instead. I mean, are there no one in their BTS team to point out such a huge technical flaw?? How did director or the producer gave approval on such illogical technical shots? Did you guys spend all the budget on casting big names for your TV series than to give heed on hiring professionals to do their job correctly and praise worthy?

vii – As for makeup & hair-styling is concerned, I don’t understand why Shaista had so much surgery on her face for, with the extra powder on it … her face looked like a chalk!

viii – A very average performance by the main cast but it still disappointing to say this but they could have acted much better with the kind of roles that they had.

ix – When I have grown really tired to see Atiqa Odho in her similar characters that she is playing for a long, long time. I mean, come on! Doesn’t she have better and different type of roles to do? Same thing also goes for Nauman Eijaz. You pick any TV drama of his and most of them would have a very similar type of character that he plays. Our TV industry doesn’t let our stars to grow as a mature performer. They would rather restrict them to do ‘One of a Kind of Character’ all their lives.

x – I saw the director’s name, I was very pleased and excited to see what can he do for Khan. I was really looking forward to it. — what could he have done, when the entire project was falling apart?

xi – The quality of production design was there just for namesake. The BTS team of Khan had interest to make 30 episodes length of TV series. They clearly forgot that these secondary departments do matter to give a proper presentable to the viewers.

xii – There was no suspense in this series, everything turned out to be very predictable. Everything… including how it would end.

+ Overall
Khan fails to live up to the viewers’ expectations by their own set of numerous flaws.

Rate: 0.25 out of 5 stars

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